Do you have a word for this...

When people don’t blow their nose and just breathe it up instead?

The worst sound of all time.

My mum calls it “snurching”

Do you?


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Oh its way more than a sniffle. Like heavy duty gross sound effects


Hucking’s more throat I think

The whole process - snort into throat then coughing into your mouth

That was called “hucking a gremmy” at school

Me neither


As in, ‘Ooh, you dirty cunt, grebbin’ a massive greeny’.

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I call it gross. Some people do it like it’s nothing. Wrong’ns.

Isnt that when you spit it out too?

This is pure just sucking it up your nose aggressively. Seems everyone on the bus is doing it today :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Hock a loogey (sp?) was the whole act where I grew up. Just using your nose to remove the snot is snorting I reckon. Like an aggressive sniff with the purpose of moving the mucous.

Think I do this


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  1. How dare you?

no further questions


me too

not sure i’m very good at blowing my nose

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years ago someone in a small team I worked in constantly did this, eventually the team leader took him aside for a quiet word to ask him to try and cut it out as it was revolting the whole team and he hadn’t realised he was doing it it was such a habit. A disgusting habit though, buy some tissues ffs.

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I mean… I do it if i’m in private and there’s no one near me that may here me. Those that do it in public, though? Put them in the stocks.

Can’t blow your nose in the stocks. We will only do it more.

No one will hear you as baby shark will be blasting out loud straight into your face from speakers located right in front of you.

Snot Gobbling.