do you have an inner monologue?

I think I already knew that not everyone did, but it’s still totally fascinating to think some people don’t.

same with memory, how some people have strong visual memories and other just like… don’t, at all.

do you have these things? well?

  • “of course I have an inner monologue”
  • some words floating about that spell ‘no I don’t have one’

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  • I have a good visual memory
  • I have little to no visual memory
  • somewhere in the middle

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think i’d be very lonely without one.

but might get less distracted all the time.

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I do, and I have a good relationship with it usually, except it can have a bad habit of latching onto distinctive voices and becoming that voice for the day. So I can be there thinking in my mate’s voice.

I was thinking this. mine is super-distracting.

same for my visual memory of places, people, their voices. I can just drift off into fantasy so easily.


it distracts me when I’m reading sometimes. I figure non-monologuers must be speedier readers?


Yeah I feel like I largely exist within my own head. Having to come out of there to do my job and stuff can be a struggle


Inner, frequently outer: will talk to myself fairly regularly when I’m on my own.


If my brain would shut up for five minutes I’d probably be a lot happier


Very prominent inner monologue, basically no visual memory. Can’t picture stuff, definitely can’t picture or describe faces and facial features.

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“Do I have an inner monologue?” I pondered the question for a moment. Sure, I guess I do.

The bigger question was what did Acorn mean by a ‘strong’ visual memory?"

After all," I thought, “I only have myself to compare with so how could I be sure that mine was stronger or weaker than anyone else’s?”

It was a mystery. This could be the greatest case I’d ever tried to crack…


My inner monologue started sounded suspiciously like David Mitchell after I binge-watched Peep Show.

(Reckon PS gets the inner monologue thing pretty much spot on though.)

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What do you mean by an inner monologue? Like you actually talk to yourself while you’re doing stuff?

Don’t think so. Sometimes think whole sentences but not all the time. Mostly it’s just chasing vague intentions and urges like a brute beast

For people that have this, do films with main character voice overs not seem so contrived? I suppose they tend to do a lot of exposition. Would be interested in examples of what kind of thoughts get monologued or not.

I don’t have like an actual coherent monologue going on all the time, sometimes I do, but mainly it’s just general words and phrases flying around.

Sometimes tho, if it has gone full monologue and is getting all excited about something or other, mainly if I’m doing something that requires full attention but not full brain power, like driving or washing up or playing games, the inner monologue tries to force itself out through my mouth in the form of an unintelligible mumble or maybe a one or two word grunt. If anybody’s around it can be embarrassing.

Yup. I’m constantly telling my brain. “Would you mind shutting up? I am TRYING to read” :roll_eyes::shushing_face:

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Me too. I really hate silence though.

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I remember the moment when I was a child and I realised I had an inner monologue quite clearly. It seemed to me there were two voices, one main one and one which would frequently interrupt and override the other. Then I sensed there was a third voice, a barely perceptible one in the background somewhere. It felt like that guy was the one really pulling the strings so I spent ages trying to bring it to the foreground of my mental space

This is all normal, right? Why are you all backing away?


Exactly the same for me.

Do some people not do this?

I assumed the voice of my narrator would be more pretentious than some people but surely we all do that commentary?