Do you have any books you re-read a lot?

I know some people have a real thing about not re-reading books, but I’ve always done it.

Have read some of Bill Bryson’s travel books (especially Lost Continent, Small Island, and Walk in the Woods) so much I can pretty much recite chunks from memory. Ultimate comfort reading. I also like how each time I read one the chances are I’ll have now been to one of the places so it all gets more relatable.

Tend to re-read The Great Gatsby about once a year, but only takes a few hours.

Have been re-reading some of the stuff I first read as a teenager (you know the stuff - Fear and Loathing, The Outsider etc) and finding it really rewarding, I think you become a better reader the older you get and the wider your experience becomes.


Yeah a few actually!

Have read a few David Mitchell ones twice, Cloud Atlas and Black Swan Green. Michel Faber too, I’ve read Under the Skin and The Crimson Petal a couple of times each.

Definitely think that re-reading something and getting a bit of a deeper understanding of it, even just for the sake of spending a bit more time with a world or cast of characters, can be just as enriching as reading something for the first time.

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I do this quite often, if it’s something I like. I think I’m more likely to re-read lighter stuff, though. “Travels With My Aunt”, or a Le Carre, stuff that’s ideal for a long train journey.

A handful of Murakami’s I’ve read twice. Got different things out of them at different ages, which was interesting.

Read Lord of the Rings when I was 11, then 21, then 31… am due a re-read in a couple of years or so then :slight_smile:

Managed to read A Month in the Country by JL Carr twice. Thought I was reading it for the first time on the 2nd read through… and then realised I’d read it about 10 years previously. Glad I did, as had forgotten it, and it’s an excellent book. Really short too, which is always good. Will definitely give that a 3rd go some time. Reading The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen at the moment and I’m not sure if I’ve already read it, or it just feels very similar to other things I’ve read. If I did, it was before I started Goodreads.

I reread books less often than rewatching films or TV shows but I do come back to Norwegian Wood if I’m really struggling to sleep. Nothing says sleep like a chronicle of Japanese suicides :+1:

I wholesale stole a passage from a Month in The Country for a song I wrote for my sixth form band

I watched the film again recently, it’s pretty decent I think

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I’ve found myself re-reading Pynchon, partly cause they’re so dense that you get an enriched experience going in for repeat reads (feels like a New Game + lol)

As well as that there are a few Murakami novels I always get the urge to come back to (Wild Sheep Chase especially, though I’m thinking of tackling 1Q84 again this year); and one of my favourite novels o.a.t. A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan.

Other than that, I find there are a number of times where a book may have left me a little cold, but I have the urge to go back and reassess it. Usually I find I really like it upon re-reading!


I try to go back to One Hundred Years of Solitude every couple of years, and Franny and Zooey is one I know I’ll enjoy if I’m stumped for what to read next.

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His Dark Materials. Get more from it every time


I’ve never read a book

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Always appreciate some literary theft in music!

Didn’t realise there was a film - will check it out.

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would quite like to re-read more books but i always have such an intimidatingly big pile of unread ones to get round to

started re-reading Dubliners a couple of years ago because i thought it would be interesting now that i know the city a lot better than i did when i first read it. and it was, but i was constantly stopping to google street names and work out where things are, because i’m terrible at remembering street names and a lot of them have changed since it was written. only made it through the first 2 or 3 stories again. want to read the rest again eventually though. originally read it around this time of year so every autumn i want to pick it up again.

started re-reading The Third Policeman again a while ago as well because i always cite it as my favourite book but i’ve only read it once. was enjoying it again but as usual got distracted by trying to get through something new instead.


I re-read HDM last year I think and actually I think I was less enamoured with it than I previously thought. Still lots to love and very fond memories of it, but not quite as magical as I remembered.

Just read The Dead, it’s where all the good stuff is.


I don’t think my brother has ever read a full book. Guess it’s just not for some people. Have you never been tempted by one that looked interesting?

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it’s good but i always really resent the longest story in a book of short stories.

i’ve re-read Ivy Day in the Committee Room a load of times for some reason. just enjoy the Parnell content.


slightly flippant there sorry, I’ve read a couple of things maaaany years ago I think I read one of the Terry Pratchett books, read Asterix loads as a kid for some reason.

Find reading really hard work and exhausting though, my thoughts always drift off and I have to re-read the same page again.

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Yeah my rate of reading has collapsed in recent years, so much easier to just passively watch TV or scroll the internet.


i have a terrible attention span so i often find reading a real chore. i absolutely love buying books, but then i beat myself up for not reading them. i can very much understand the impulse to just not bother.

i spent years buying lots of ‘classics’ and stuff in Oxfam but i often find reading them feels like more of an intellectual pursuit than actual enjoyment. it’s very satisfying when you’re finished and feels like a real workout but it can be a slog getting through them. trying to be a little bit more selective with what i buy these days.

sometimes i’ll read something a bit more ‘lightweight’ and be like ‘wow i forgot books are actually things to enjoy and to be excited to read on and find out what happens’. coming to accept that a lot of the books on my shelf won’t get read and gonna donate a few of the absolute definite Nos back to Oxfam when i can be bothered to carry them round.

Yeah same, most “proper” books take me months, since I don’t really set any time to read and so I just… don’t. But then I’ll get a Jack Reacher book and absolutely rinse it, and read it instead of just watching TV.

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