Do you have any David Brent colleagues?

I think he would have been absolutely amazingly entertaining as a mate but unfortunately he was hands down the worst person I’ve ever worked with.

Took me on such a journey that by the time I was reading about him eating raw mince, i’d forgotten that he was a self proclaimed lord


That’s fair enough. You actually know the guy. I was sold on the braces/shades indoors and drag queen parts. I am easily sold.

Imagine trying to train someone (over and over again) on how to use a database or a system or whatever and they just lean back in their chair, put a pen on the mouth and raise their eyebrows at you - all the while reminding you that they are very, very experienced at the job.

And then phoning you up every day complaining that they don’t know how to use the database, system etc.

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Swinging back towards legend again i’m afraid :man_shrugging:


I work with someone (who is leaving at the end of this month, praise be) for whom I have to write a report detailing his department’s performance every month. Every month I explain it to him as basically as I can and every month he sits there with his arms crossed and the vaguely disbelieving expression of an uncle who can’t believe that chair on Antiques Roadshow is worth six grand. Eventually he points at some numbers and asks me to change them, at which point I explain to him that the numbers are his department’s performance and he can’t just write over them to make them look better. It’s the most fun two hours of my month.




Is there a worse work colleague than this? I very much doubt it.

This is amazing.


I had to do a night shift with him once. Longest 8 hours of my life.

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just remembered something

my current manager and i used to work in another place together and we worked with a lot of mad people due to the high turnover of staff. my manager once arrived at the pub with some female colleagues and a guy said “i see you brought the candy to the party”

I work with a lot of people that would say that sort of thing.

Feel a bit bad but had to mention this. Last week, instead of taking his acoustic and doing a cover of a song with the lyrics changed to be about branding he took his electric guitar, wah pedal, and got up and played some Jimi Hendrix for no reason.


This is incredible