Do you have any "house" shirts?

I am kidding. Sorry ruffers.

Most of the t-shirts that I used to wear that aren’t completely plain or striped have been relegated to house wear. T-shirts from volunteering and events and that stuff also fit this category.

Most recent is a nice big fluffy labour hoody I got when doorknocking in December

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A lovely way to live but tis no house shirt

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Ok well then, I’ve got some old work shirts from the warehouse I used to work in

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Of course! I’m not a monster!

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Auld Ma Ruffs seemed to have a lot of petrol stationed themed ones. Esso tiger, etc. Probably in the pocket of Big Oil.

Oil Ruffinery.

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this looks a bit shakespeare’s tongue

Got a few of them


Mainly just t shirts that are now too scruffy to wear outside. Got a couple of pub ones which I’ve never worn outside the house, including an actually surprisingly good quality polo shirt which was a Heineken promo for a rugby World Cup a few years ago. Must dig that out again now the weather’s gone warmer thinking about it.