Do you have any journeys where you exclusivey have to turn either left or right?

I can get to the Dr’s surgery with only left hand turns. This is on foot. I would have to take a right turn to get into the car park in a car.

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Oooh my GP surgery is left hand turns too.

When I drove to the pub to pick up colleagues last week, it was entirely left turns. I couldn’t remember the way back to the hotel, so I just kept turning right until I got there.

Just thought I could also get to my son’s new football club by going past the Dr’s but this is a longer way than necessary. Using just left turns that is. Did that go without saying? I dunno.

exclusively left hand turns on the walk / cycle to Aldi

What position does he play?

Just left to get to the doctors for me too, but it is literally at the end of the road.

On the road that comes out on (so also just left turns) there’s also the chemist, the curry house, the local coffee shop.

I can get to my nearest pub by turning right from my house, but it is on my street, so maybe that doesn’t count. The nearest corner shop is right at the pub then on the corner of the next right turn.

All of these only work on foot since I live on a one way street.

Once read something about UPS (I think) choosing their delivery routes in a way that maximises left turns, because it’s quicker and saves fuel compared to right turns.

No positions just drills and a bit of a kick about. It was lovely taking him there, sitting in the sun for an hour and a half. He was keen so we have signed him up from September and then it dawned on me that I might not find it so much fun in January.

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From the house to Waitrose. Left out of the drive, left at the end of the road, left at the turning into 'trose.

The local is two right turns

Yeah I think we are going to need at least one turn that isn’t from the front door.

Ha plenty of time to get yourself a big sheepskin coat for January.

Where are we starting from the front door or the drive? I only ask as I live in a flat so there’s a few turns when going down the stairs. I NEED some clarification

Never. Always turn left out of the front door, then turn right into the lift.

Let’s say from when you feel the wind hit your face.

Yes, my drive to the station is left turns only.

Left out of the driveway, left at a t-junction, left at a mini roundabout, left at the lights, left at the lights, left into the station entrance, left into the car park.

Just worked out I could also make it Waitrose using just right turns but it would be a ridiculous route.

You magnificent bastard Lonzy, you’ve done it again!

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Why lie?