Do you have any regular weekly highlights?

On Fridays I come home from work, have a lie down on the couch and listen to Kermode and Mayo.

On Saturdays I get in the boozer for noon sharp, read the Racing Post, pick out a few winners, have five or six pints and get home at about 4:30pm for Final Score.



No More Jockeys every Friday. Its one of my “Lockdown Saviours”


Monday: HGATR
Tuesday: Literally nothing.
Wednesday: HGATR
Thursday: New beers at my local bottle shop
Friday: New releases day, HGATR
Saturday: No work
Sunday: Bin day; no work


Monday - D&D, beers, snacks

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are good podcast days as well. Bit of a dearth the rest of the week, need to fill my podcast schedule.

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Used to be Wednesday evening and Sunday arvo 6-a-side and that’s back on as of next week.

Sunday night read in the bath after footy will also be making a return

Covid has completely destroyed my semblance of days being different from each other, other than doing a big shop on Monday evening

Now that the pools are open, swimming. It’s been a little community since it reopened, really nice. I was getting ribbed by some swimmers earlier for being hungover, I was so out of breath and one lady shouted “that’ll teach you!”. It’s really nice to have that tbh


Before all this, I’d generally pop to the pub on Tuesday for a few pints after work. Helped break up the week and it was generally just the regulars there, no nobheads, so it was nice to have a relaxing couple of pints and a chat with people.

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Learned how to do cryptic crosswords during lockdown (literally my only achievement) and now getting the paper on a Sunday, and setting an hour or two aside to start it (maybe in the pub since they’ve opened) is my favourite bit of the week.


Saturday : Tim Dowling column in guardian
Friday: online shop comes
Sat and Sun: Radcliffe and Maconie on 6music

Little things isn’t it.


Going for a swim in the reservoir every Saturday morning.
Friday night pizza
Playing hockey on a Saturday, when the season is on
My girlfriend has Wednesdays off and although I’m working during the day, it’s nice to have her pottering around the house when I’m home, and to see her in the evenings for dinner, as she doesn’t get back until 10pm most days.


I created Sunday pancakes as a routine a few months ago. We’ve stuck to it so well that when I made them on Saturday once (had plans on the Sunday) my flatmate was totally thrown and was a day off for the whole following week


On Thursdays I scream into a pillow


The fact you’ve listed Saturday, then Friday, then Saturday again has unduly irked me

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11am-2pm Saturday I make sure I’m at home, in my bedroom, alone, preferably in bed, and I listen to my favourite radio show.

Friday 5pm

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Saturday mornings when I’ve got nothing else planned, I like to go to the bakers for some nice bread, get the paper, pop into the bookies to put an acca on in the football season, then go home, make some breakfast and a big pot of tea then read the paper while drinking multiple mugs of tea and listening to music.

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I’ve also been swimming more. Really loving it

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They’re reducing numbers at the pool near me which is so much nicer. Adult only swims at the moment so no kids which I prefer tbh

Sorry. Thought process order

It’s 4 people/groups in my gyms pool which has been great. Getting some good jacuzzi time in too