Do you have any song as the alarm clock?


I’ve got Burn the Witch by Radiohead, those birds and first notes make me wake up really well.


Used to have Ghost of Perdition by Opeth. I wouldn’t recommend it.


No I haven’t.


Debussy’s Clair de Lune…


The Circle of Life - Lion King.

Those opening few bars make me fee like I’m waking up on the African savanna.


I’ve got Hendrix’s “If Six was Nine”, mostly as I don’t love it too much that ruining it because its my alarm wont be so bad. Plus its a good wake up song because I set myself the rule that I have to jump out of bed when the singing starts.


I’ve got this:


The easiest way to hate your favourite song IMO.


I used to have the last minute of Nude by Radiohead - from this bit.

It was a really nice gentle way to wake up, but my phone would vibrate too, which would ruin it a bit.