Do you have any teenage friends?


I don’t.
@ruffers has 2 (two)
Any more for any more

  • Teenage friends
  • No teenage friends

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I think the youngest of the penoid crew is at least in his 20s.


Why the fuck would you be friends with teenagers if you weren’t one yourself? They’re idiots, they’re not finished yet, it’d be like eating a bit of undercooked chicken


That’s that I know of, there may be more.


Yeah I buy them white lightening and then we go play with our mountain bikes and catapults in the woods.


What about teenagers that post here? Is it not okay for them to be friends with other teenagers?


More interested in the time portal you’ve built to 2006 tbh


I’m not particularly happy about that, no.


1 - the drummer in one of my bands. He gets ID’d less than I do.


You want to use a time portal to visit teenagers??


Someone I play football with recently turned 20 but it would be a push to describe him as a friend


When I was a teenager I definitely hung out with folks in their late-20s/early-30s too, and now I’ve got mates in their forties. Doesn’t matter a bit.


Your honour


Half your age plus 7 for life


This is now a thread to ask Ruffers about teens

Are teens still saying “swag” Ruffers?


Or, double minus 7?


I don’t think so. Did they ever?


My daughter has teenage friends. I hope this doesn’t make her a nonce.


Not immensely comfortable with this banter lads.


I dunno mate, I feel like they might have just said “swag” from time to time, you know whilst hanging around outside the offie with their yo-yos (?)