Do you have anyone in your life who "does your bidding" for you?

Talk about them here if you like.

No, I’m definitely a ‘bidding doer’, if you will. You know what? I’m okay with that. I like tasks and the completion of those tasks.

No, if you want something bid on, bid yourself, I say

We all find our contentedness in a myriad of different ways. Our lives are enriched as a result.


What if I wanted something that required any skill whatsoever?


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Acceptance and freedom from want are the cobblestones of my path in life

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You could either do it yourself, have someone do your bidding for you, or not do it at all


mostly just ask them to “go away for a bit”

the end of this post was supposed to be “i bid him farewell” but i must have deleted it. a bad post made worse

Yeah my dad as he is the only one with an eBay account lol

Ha! Your Dad sounds like a legend! Haha, eBay account!


The members of the community ‘

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I used to, my little brother was my errand boy until he was around 11 and wised up to my ways. But what else are you supposed to do with a very annoying child six years your junior (we are great friends now but back then, not so much)

My best friend and I share the bidding load. A bit of bidding her end, a bit of bidding mine. A bidding timeshare, if you will. Mostly mischief, some bants, NEVER SHABS THOUGH.

I have an open window as a bidder though, if anyone were need someone with a different IP address to do lighthearted and untraceable pranks on their behalf.