Do you have anyone you work with who refuses to take in information you've just given them

even if they’ve asked for it?

I’ve just been asked about how people make payments on one of our sites, I explained and was met with the reply “yeah, so we have no idea of the technical side of this”. No we do, and I’ve just told you. Amazing.

Related but not the same: hate it when after you explained something the person says ‘can you send me an email with exactly what you just said?’

always tell them to do one and start taking their own notes

Bloke I manage at work is a minefield for this sort of stuff. Most notably it’s meetings. He never checks his calendar. It’s infuriating.

HIM: So do we have this meeting today about…
ME: It’s in your calendar
HIM: Ok. What time…
ME: It’s in your calendar
HIM: Ah ok, ok…
HIM: Is x going to be at this meeting?

Every time. Every. Single. Fucking. Time.


I do this all the time :slight_smile: but usually because the explainer is a techy type and they used lots of long words I didn’t understand

I work in finance and it’s usually a way for people to amass evidence against you should something go wrong


yeah, that too

Yeah I do this sometimes but my job is really boring and if I concentrated too much I would kill myself.
Obvs an outrage when people do it to me though as am very important and time with me is an honour and a privilege

I call these people “Year 10”


Yeah. Got an American colleague who calls me to ask exactly the same questions every time we need to work together. Pain in the arse.

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It’s sooo annoying, I know this fella is going to off to other people in work and say “I’ve asked foppyish about this and he doesn’t know either”.

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Sorry, say that again?

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I make sure I repeat instructions out to the instructor after being told a process or something.

probably annoying tbf.

Oh christ, yes. This is one of my biggest headaches of line management.

Giving someone instructions, showing them the format results need to be shown in, checking they understand the process and that they don’t need to add in additional steps to what they need to do.

Then receiving the outputs in a totally different format, often showing completely different information and having used a wholly alien and incorrect process.

And also, as part of this, stating that if something doesn’t look right when you put results in the table, then the chances are it isn’t right. Go back and check what you’ve done.

I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t explicitly say, more than once…

‘Please, if there is any part you don’t understand, or if you aren’t sure of something, just ask. For the love of fucking christ, ask.’

I was 25-years-old and had been doing the job for six years, knew it inside out and was training/mentoring some new employees. A man who was 40-years-old wouldn’t take on board anything I said because, despite him having almost zero experience in this type of work, decided that his age meant he knew more than me about it. He didn’t. He didn’t last the three month probation period.

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No but I do on a regular basis have conversations where someone says:

“Hey is x compatible with y”
“yes but we don’t support it can you check if the client can do z instead”
“hey can you sent me an installer for x so the client can install it on y”


Regularly get:

“what’s the price of X?”
“it’s £10, and here’s a price list with ALL the prices on”.
“great thanks!.. What is the price of Y?”
"… It’s £20, but all the prices for literally everything are on the list I sent you".
“oh wow thanks for that!.. What’s the price of Z”.


Yeah, last year we hired a supposedly very experienced contractor, who unfortunately from the very first day was unwilling to listen to anything I or anyone else said. After the third repeat training session on a particular task I wrote a 30 page guide to the job role, which detailed every single click of the mouse he had to make. We eventually fired him after EIGHT long months. He still thinks he was the one in the right.

Most days someone will ask my opinion or help on a process.

I’ll tell them.

They’ll then argue with me.

Why did you ask me then?


This other lady who used to work here but has now left used to ask me stuff, I’d explain in great detail and then she’d go “ok” and then ask the person next to me the exact same question.

There was a guy in my research group who was easily the stupidest person I’d ever met. It was incredible.

Once I overheard him making a racket trying to pull some tubing off a really delicate bit of glass apparatus. I stopped him, explained that you need to cut the tubing off or you’ll break it. He said ok. I went back to what I was doing.

Heard the same sound. Went over again and said, look, if you keep doing that you’ll break it. And the glass thing will shatter and you’ll cut your wrist or hand. Here, look, cut it like this with some scissors or a knife. He said ok. I went back to what I was doing.

Heard the same sound, followed by the sound of shattering glass and a man crying out in pain.