Do you have anyone you work with who refuses to take in information you've just given them



i’ve found the opposite because some people just will not follow written instructions. i sometimes train new starters and we have really detailed training guides with screenshots and step by step instructions. after going through it with someone and talking them through the guide, when they forget stuff they then interrupt someone else to ask them to show them what to do instead of looking in the fucking training guide that i printed out for them, watched them write notes in and can see sitting on their fucking desk

(bonus points if the person they ask is another new starter instead of someone who might actually know)


Yeah, I sympathise with this. Ended up writing a step-by-step guide to a process at work, trained everyone on it, and still get people asking me questions which are explicitly answered in the guide. Got to the stage now of telling them to look at the process rather than answering the question (I do realise this makes me seem a bit of a cunt).


it’s fair and probably doing them a favour, tbh tbf


Little inside knowledge for ya - if you’re still at the company, people would rather email you for the answer than look at the massively detailed and helpful handover guide.


I’d accept that if it was 60 pages long or something. This was literally two sides of A4.


Well watcha complaining about then.


Read my earlier post.


Eek, not going to lie, I’m pretty terrible to work with. When I first start a job I panic a lot and as a result I don’t tend to take things in very easily so might ask the same question a number of times. Could feel the annoyance radiating off of my colleagues.


Right, guessing it’s a very simple task that doesn’t require more than 2 sides of instructions.


It’s not massively simple in fairness (as in it’s not particularly intuitive), but it doesn’t need more than two sides of instructions, no. Hence why I get frustrated about people constantly asking about it when all they have to do is read the guide.


what are you guys talking about? can you give me a quick recap?


Should just make a sign to tap


Instructional documents in the workplace.


I work with someone who always starts indignantly and long-windedly answering what they assume my question is before I’ve finished asking it, usually with a condescending namecheck (“as I was telling the marketing director this morning”) thrown in. It is a delightful trait for a colleague to have.


I worked with a guy who was like the worst version of that for a week in the summer. He clearly had some kind of issue with hearing or processing what he hears, but didn’t want to deal with it or admit it or ask for any way round it like writing instructions.

So he’d not take in anything of even simple things that you’d say, and then argue with you about what you said. And his interpretation was often really bizarre. And he didn’t understand why he wound people up so much.


My favourite example of this was when we had an old PC that always kicked out the cd drive when it was booting up for some reason. This loud mouth sales guy who only only came in about once a week sat down and put his cup of coffee directly in front of the cd drive “you need to move that or it’ll get knocked over” I helpfully told him, explaining why. He said “oh right, thanks!”, turned back to the computer powered it on, whereupon the coffee was sent flying everywhere. He got very angry at this, loudly shouting about his terrible plight and pulling the computer’s power lead out in a fury (??) before retiring to the kitchen to make a replacement cup. On his return he put the cup in the exact same place, re-plugged in the computer and the exact same thing happened again.

I was just staring at him in disbelief that anyone could be that stupid.


misread this to mean you worked with an old police constable who kicked the drive whenever he was booting the computer up :frowning:


Side point: did you mean ‘minefield’ there? Mine maybe? My brain is reading it and sort of doing that screwed up eye look that DiCaprio does in Inception.


I did but maybe I shouldn’t have.

You all understood what I meant.