Do you have people who will take care of things when you're away?



plants, cats, other things?

my next door neighbour takes care of that shit for me. nice lady, although she only has about two teeth in her head and I can’t help but look into her mouth when she’s talking to me. horrible scenes


Haven’t got anything that needs looking after atm, but we’ve got a pretty trusting signing-for-delivery arrangement going on with the brain surgeon & his (unknown profession) other half nextdoor, so I’m sure they’d do it for us if we asked nicely


Probably got the people but not the things pal


My housemate regularly deals with any Draclias, Frankingsteins and Skelingtons that infest my room when I’m away.

I do the same for him. We had an It Follows trying to get in the last time he went to his folks. It was a right old to-do.


I have someone who would do anything that needed doing but a) I haven’t got anything that needs doing and b) I wouldn’t trust him to do any of it.


My 92 year old next door neighbour (still has all her marbles, really nice to my kids, massive racist) is a mad curtain twitcher - if a delivery person knocks on our door she’ll often get to them before I can. As such she’s great at taking in post for us.

Family opposite will water plants for us if we go away for a long period. Been thinking of getting a giant African snail as a pet but need to look into how self sufficient they are for extended periods as don’t want to burden anyone with snailcare responsibilities.


The lady in the flat downstairs would do those things if we required it.

I once looked after the dog that she was looking after for her friend while she went to a wedding :smiley:


not really, just take photos of all the switches that are OFF