Do you have your work colleagues on social media?

not talking about linkedin, yammer or any of that other shite

i have a general rule of trying to avoid it at all costs, i’m in a couple of fb messenger group chats with people from here but i think that’s it

if you don’t, why not?

Absolutely not.

The few who have added me get put on lockdown straight away.

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Someone added me on fb as soon as i joined, reluctantly accepted but it creeped me out and made me lose all trust in him

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i’d just have ignored this then quietly deleted it after a few weeks, if they ever asked about it just say it’s an old account you never use

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absolutely not. primarily because i don’t engage in social activities, share common interests nor talk to them. I’m very willing to make exceptions, but going to put in any effort. I’ve ‘friends’ with former colleagues, mostly from previous jobs, where there’s been more of a social culture.

Actually have a couple but they’re ones I’m actually mates with and have hung out with outside of work

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scared they’ll see your netrunner plaques? i hear ye

I’ve got a very strict no work colleagues rule. There’s a handful of people from my very first job back in the pre-social media 90s, who were colleagues that turned into good friends, but nobody from my current employers. I’ve had a few requests from people, but I’ve had to politely say thanks but no thanks.

Good god no.


Well they’ll see those if they come into my office anyway, obviously.

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Yep loads. Why not ?

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Nope, definitely not.

A few of them have added me on facebook/twitter. No idea why, I literally never post/communicate/RT anything on either of them.

Does Whatsapp count as social media?

We do have an office Whatsapp group

Literally the answer I was going to give (except without the “good”)

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its all personal choice but maybe I just get on really well with the people I work with. Spend quite a lot of time in the pub with lots of them.


Yeah I did this until I turned 30. Then I stopped. I still go to the pub with the same people, but I don’t work with them any more.

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Might consider it if they join a (good) band, start promoting gigs or decide to run a live music venue.

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Only if they add me, as it’s easier to accept a friend request than explain why you didn’t. Not really much of a social media presence though so people who are really, REALLY in to it tend to delete me after a couple of months so it all works out in the end.

a few on strava, which was a bad idea. makes it difficult to skive off riding your bike.

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