Do you HEAR DiSers' voices when reading their posts?



If so, how do people here sound in your head?

Please be nice.


The papery crackling of a hoarde of undead evil.


As most of you live in London I hear a lot of horns and tutting.


@1101010 is a series of scathingly sarcastic beep/boops


Alright, you mindless philosopher.


No, I read the words with my eye holes.


xylo, eltham, hoogy, pissyknickers

probably some others, but those are the main ones that actively evoke a voice

theo, despite meeting him, I still read in Johnny Five’s voice, as well as with Marckee hearing smug Gerald in the episode of south park where he gets a hybrid. Japes I read in a broad scottish accent.


If this is a star wars reference so help me god…


I read @japes in the voice of an exaggerated 17th C pirate caricature, because in my head head he has a huge bushy beard and an eyepatch.


Well so was yours, effectively.


balonz is a really wide cockney in my head


@GEOFF is REALLY softly spoken.


no need to fatshame mate


sounds like Andy Parsons to me


Everyone just sounds like me but i put on smug voices for people i dont like lol


looks like AP but talks like danny dyer


xylo’s a dandy

this is now just me slagging folk off


so you’ve met him then? To be fair I don’t think he’d take being called a dandy particularly badly


xylopwn: wild billy childish
japes: will Oldham
bugduv: Nigel Blackwell


Unfortunately not - my voice is incredibly loud and booming. It’s horrible.