Do you hear 'Rudolph' in the lyrics to Daft Punk's Around the World?


I mean I have always heard it in there although I’ve never been able to work out what causes it.

However, googling

daft punk around the world rudolph
daft punk around the world rudolf

provides very slim pickings so either no one else hears this or it’s so old that everyone’s forgotten they hear it.

(Hi everyone.)


I can hear the “rudo” if I’m listening for it in “around” but there is nothing that sounds like “olph”. Sorry.


Can definitely hear the ‘LF’ sound at the end but it sounds quite implied by the sound, I guess.


Of course, that’s why it’s on all the Christmas albums. Rudolph flies ‘around the world’ delivering presents.


I don’t know what you’re talking about, around? I’m hearing, across the world, Rudolph. most likely on account of the world being flat and all that jazz.


Could you clarify: are you hearing "a Rudolph world " or "around the Rudolph?


Wondered why they were all dressed as reindeers when i saw them in 97.


Presumably “A Rudolph world”. It’s barmy though.


I thought the giveaway was the single cover


It’s no rub a Mexican monkey.


It’s another License To Kilt, isn’t it?


sound of the summer


Why the hell would anybody be listening to this now


Someone was whistling jingle bells earlier, feels really weird when you hear Christmas songs at this time of year.


I don’t know. Something like

A RUdolf around burr burr burr burr a RUdolf around burr burr burr burr



This has made me even more confused.


The burr bit is because it is cold in winter


So you dont hear ‘the world’ anywhere?


I can’t listen now. I’ll do it later and confirm


RUdolf around the world around the RUdolf around the world around…

That’s what I hear.