Do you hear 'Rudolph' in the lyrics to Daft Punk's Around the World?


Ok, I can hear it now if I try really hard.


Who forgot to update Theo’s firmware again?


Do you just mean the bits where they stretch ‘world’ out a bit longer?


Yeah, that’s where I hear it. You have to pretend that you’ve never heard the word world before and if you have it begins with r and has two syllables.


In my defence I hated them fully by the time this came out so I only ever really heard it played in clubs where I guess the soundsystem made it extra weird. Once I heard that I couldn’t hear it any other way.


It’s weird, I sort of hear it a split second afterwards in my head. Probably because I’ve heard it as world for twenty years i have to make it sound like rudolf ‘manually’ rather than hearing it automatically. Good thread.


Are you referring to this?

Gladys Knight’s, “Licence To Kill”

Misheard Lyrics:

I’ve got a liking for kilts

Original Lyrics:

I’ve got a licence to kill

Misheard Lyrics:

License to Kilt

Original Lyrics:

License to kill

Misheard Lyrics:

Think I’d better lie in bed
Think I’d better lie in bed
Think I’d better lie in your arms

Original Lyrics:

Till their dying day
Till their dying day
Till their dying day

I don’t particularly like Licence to Kill but I’d say that was actually a decent Bond theme all things considered.


I still find this all somewhat baffling.

So near so Rudolph


That Theo ever went clubbing? Yeah, that threw me a bit as well.


Don’t make me tell you to @Behave again mate.


I did a soundcloud of me singing over the top

Robotman TheoGB is having a meltdown on the music board and he wants everyone to know
Thor's day thread

oh my.


I think you’ll agree this is so much more than me just singing ‘RUdolf’ over another word.


This is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving


thread delivers. i do not hear it even as it’s sung lmao


This is enlightening but I think everyone would understand even more a full length version


Also with a rap about reindeers over one of the instrumental bits


That’s @ma0sm’s job. He is my guest MC.


Stealth rudolf stealth RUdolf


Epic trolling here tbh :joy: