Do you invert your Y axis?

  • Yes
  • No

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Where’s the option for ‘sometimes’?

FPSs ‘No’, Flight sims and third-person cameras ‘Yes’.

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That’s the craziest approach of all!

You’re out of your element here marckee.

Depends if you think you are controlling someone’s eyes/head (FPS) or a joystick (flight sims), innit?

I don’t really know. My recollection was that it was always the ‘correct’ way in the early 90s, which was that you pushed the mouse or joystick forward for diving and pulled back to draw up.

However, I seem to recall early 2000s (?) that it seemed this was considered ‘reversed’ so I presumed that for consoles players had got used to using things the other way around?

*NB: I have not played a game where this is relevant in about 10 years.

You don’t really control eyes though, it’s head movements innit. If you were to look down at your shoes then your head moves forward. The counter argument to this probably makes more sense though if I’m honest.

Definitely makes sense for flying. In other circumstances, it’s a no from me.


What about an FPS like Battlefield that turns into a flight sim in places? Hmm? WHAT THEN FOXY?!?!

I do it so up is up and down is down just like God and the Universe intended. Unless it’s some kind of flying then it’s ok cos realism is important.

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I hope I never play one of those games. Never.

Unless they flip the axis is suitable in which case… maybe.

It gives you different setting for different vehicles doesn’t it?

I’m sure the default for flying in any game is to invert it, isn’t it?

If you were to put your thumb atop the head of a friend and you wanted them to look down, which way would you push?

Look in your heart sticky, you know the answer to be an inverted y axis.

It makes no sense for aiming, etc though…

does it? I don’t know. I’m doubting myself now

Look in your heart…



I’m used to FPSs from their heyday on the PC though, usually controlled by the mouse, so forward is up, towards you is down.

If you were holding a gun and wanted to aim down you’d move your hands and eyes downwards. I don’t think of that motion as pushing my head forward on the neck joint which is kind of the principle of pushing forwards/up on a controller. I think I’m moving my view down.

It’s not really inverted anyway.

Be it a plane, car or a person, you are always controlling as if you are on top of a sphere. Push your hand forward and you curve down over the sphere, back and roll down the back. The front of your mouse represents your viewpoint in the game.