Do you keep a diary?

Not just like a schedule, but an actual diary where you write down what you did that day, etc. Daily threads don’t count!!!

  • I keep a diary
  • I do something which is not a diary but I call it a diary
  • I do not keep a diary

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Do people still keep diaries in this day and age? Is there any reason to?

My therapist wants me to keep a journal for stuff. I don’t.

January 1st 2018 - nothing to report.
January 2nd 2018 - nothing to report.


this is kinda the angle i’m coming from, there seems to be an argument for keeping a diary as like a mental health benefit type thing. any idea how that is supposed to work?

Every diary I’ve ever had someone has read. Never again!

January 3rd 2018 - nobody died


you need a sweet security system like this


January 4th 2018 - someone died.

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alright, future laura palmer

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At the end of every week I note down a little bit about what’s happened over the course of the week. Some of it is useful for keeping track of work things, but it’s mostly useful to help me be less of a shit.

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do you think there would be some kind of MH benefit if you did keep a diary?

  • Y
  • N
  • dunno, maybe

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how so?

In my case is because they reckon I have flat affect so should be taking note of things that happen to me that I think other people might have had a strong emotional response but didn’t do anything for me. First step in training myself to feel feelings properly instead of repressing everything into a concentrated ball of rage to be unleashed at appropriate points, like weddings and major sporting events.


Haha, ooooh so that’s what I was doing wrong.

To be fair it was my mum who read my diary and it was because she was worried about me because her and dad were breaking up at the time BUT my diary was mostly filled with filth about boys :joy: uggghhhhhhh

This is making me think about that show mortified, it’s so good.


oh my word! how filthy are we talking out of 10?

^ cock in hand

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Haha not very, I was a pretty innocent child up until I turned 16.


I started writing it properly about two years ago when I was feeling stressed at work and thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect and decide if I wanted a career move or to look for something else. It coincided with some illness in the family and helped me get past that too, but I realised that more often than not I was writing about how I was grumpy or withdrawn and not being able to define why. That’s been a big focus since: if I’m feeling down, why? It’s helped me, and helped improve my relationships and general happiness overall.

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nice! i might give it a crack for a bit and see how it goes