Do you keep buying stuff under £5 with a tenner



in the hope of getting a new fiver in change?

  • As often as possible
  • Give a shit
  • Occasionally
  • What the hell are you talking about?
  • This is worse than your usual shit
  • Good thread 'eo

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Never have any cash on me but yeah if I did I’d be trying to get a new fiver for sure. Only had one so far.


I have 3 in my wallet right now. Obviously.


something’s got to keep the fifties company


New I could count on you to be nominally on my side. The poll is going about as I’d expect but @aboynamedgoo sticking the boot in is a bit of a shocker.


Should have made the voting anonymous if you can’t handle the truth.


I got two last Saturday and haven’t spent them yet. Was thinking of keeping them as a means of saving. But probably won’t.

I do have an AA serial number but it’s AA30 so nothing special. I see AK47 seem to be worth a bit.


i hate the new fivers

well shit


Would have voted for the less harsh ‘No’ option if you’d provided one…


They said the same about you.


The canteen at my girlfriend’s work gives out new fivers in change. For the past week or so she’s been getting a new one every day.


It’s fine, I felt better to hae ‘give a shit’. I see you opted for the even harsher choice, though.


Always felt O was one of the good ones.


he gets all his new fivers at DiS football


Stop trying to make 'eo happen.


Mate, it’s @bugduv who’s done that already.


no. I had two and got rid of them both, i should’ve checked the codes on them