Do you know about the iPhone space bar cursor trick thing?

  • I have an iPhone and yes of course
  • I have an iPhone and what do you mean?
  • I don’t have an iphone

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You mean the thing that is an alternative to force touch?

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Yeah that’s what I thought/meant

I know about the iPhone trick but I don’t know about Star Wars

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I quite liked force touch tbf, I miss it since upgrading

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You can use any key, it doesn’t have to be space bar



Non Frinkac captioned Simpsons memes freak me out a bit now


Same. Might do an edit

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How does this work? Other keys bring up alternative letters eg aàáâäæãåā

This the perfect place to say I have downloaded ios14 and they have finally sorted out the music app. There was a stupid thing of if you had individual tracks from one artists that aren’t on an album e.g these AK Paul tracks that have the album field as blank

They would be split off as individual tracks that just repeated the single track. Anyway they have been grouped back together after about 3 ios versions must be 3 years since this happened. :partying_face::partying_face:

Christ that’s incredibly boring and sad but, I am utterly delighted.

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Light hold brings up alts, firm hold brings up the cursor.

My phone doesn’t have that!¡

If you could just be a bit more fucking gentle, darling

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Only just discovered the other day that my android phone does this. Had no idea it was even a thing. Seems useful but keep forgetting to use it.

How old is it? Mine is like a 6