Do you know any juicy secrets about people in your life?

Keeping it light, although can’t pretend I won’t enjoy any salacious gossip

One of my friends and her boyfriend used to watch the Walking Dead, fervently. It was their thing, and they’d watch it together the night it came out. The only thing was, she always had the day off work the day it came out. She was so hooked on it that she’d always watch it by herself in the daytime. She didn’t want to break it to him that she’d already seen it so for however many years/seasons, she used to pretend she hadn’t already watched it, and just watch it twice. The truth never revealed itself, and the lie outlasted the relationship.

Was kind of impressed but also the idea of somebody that close to me keeping a facade like that up gives me the heebie jeebies, although, in some way, don’t we all do this, in some way?

When I was at school the school bully decided to pick on me one term, right before Christmas. During the holidays, me and a friend took my friend’s sister to a pantomime version of Peter Pan, and the school bully was in it, as the crocodile. Think I maintained eye contact with him for 99.9% of the show. On the first day back he told me he’d beat me up if I told anyone and I told him I’d tell everyone if he did anything to me and a solemn understanding and respect was formed between us, and all of his friends were perplexed about why he was suddenly nice to me.

Also accidentally learnt that a co-worker was a drag performer and they wanted to keep it a secret at work; I respected their wish to the death, and was very endeared by it.


Nice try narc!


quite a few but usually end up completley forgetting about them after a year or two.


Time to start a kompromat spreadsheet


I know stuff about people cheating on their partners before they got married. Will keep it to the grave tho

Is the information easily googleable?

i know someone who was eating a guy’s ass and he farted in her face



Because if it is he’d be better off telling them surely…

This is quite an awful and stupid one; my partner’s parents are friends with an arms dealer, only they don’t know he’s an arms dealer.

No not really. Someone on here knows a juicyish secret about me though…


Is it @Joke2000 knowing what song you’re picking next for Music League?


Unfortunately those snitches on the music board put a stop to that.



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My brother in law is under the impression that my dad really likes rye bread, so always brings him rye bread whenever he goes travelling, beings back loads from San Fran etc.

My dad is incredibly indifferent to rye bread, but now had a freezer full. We aren’t sure where my brother in law got the impression my dad is a huge rye bread fan, but it’s been too long to correct this, and ithe truth about the rye bread liking is a huge family secret that we have to take to our graves.


My brother has told some absolute porkers to his fiance that I’d love to tell her but :zipper_mouth_face:


I get Walnut Whips every Christmas from my nan-in-law because I ate one once and said I liked them. I can’t tell her I’m not that fussed about them, so I just keep schtum and so does everyone else. This is more a secret that people in my life know about me, but eh.


I smell a sitcom!

Call it Brothers in Arms



I’ve got some second hand secrets because my brothers are gossips

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Yes, and it’s a bit awkward.