Do you know any tricks?


Got any good tricks or owt, friends?

I can do one card trick quite well, I had fun showing my niece and nephew it last Xmas and ended up with them getting me a magic set for my birthday which was endearing and sweet but it also has ramped up the pressure on me to appear somewhat more magical this time around.

My gf and I also have an excellent trick whereby we appear to read each others mind called “Black Magic” that always goes down an absolute storm.

Talk about tricks in here, you can also branch out to pranks if you want and you can even chat about clowning if that should take you.





I don’t know any tricks, and when I’m in charge all magicians and associated acts will be locked up, so you have your freedom until that comes to pass.


I know what “wheelie” is and I find them impressive but dangerous.

I don’t know what TINTCT is however




I wouldn’t consider myself a magician


Ok, thanks anyway!


I expect I’ll be hearing a lot of that.


i think you’ll struggle to lock up a real magician


Escape artists (and hypnotists) will be executed, I regret to say.


Does your policy branch out to impressionists? I’m very much behind it if so.


It does now. Glad to have your backing.


are we just going through the britain’s got talent auditions?


Just a mind reading one that I used to do with my dad on holiday to impress people.


No, on accounts of how I like it when old ladies train dogs to dance with them


Nothing particularly good. Everything on me cracks at slightest provocation, with the shoulder crunch being the one that grosses people out the most.

I used to be able to blow smoke out of my right ear (which hurt like hell) but the eardrum healed over now.

one other magic trick involving ash/cigarettes, but not done it in a while and an old card trick which I can’t remember.

I used to be able to do cocktail flair but lack of practice has limited my skills to some basic tricks tbh. As a side from that I used to chuck knives around, behind my back etc which is less of a trick but fun to scare people with?


Wank people off for a tenner


Is it the one where you…


one of you goes out of the room and then you get the group to pick an object then you go back into the room and the other member of your trick goes round the room asking “Is it this X” and you’re all like “nah,
it’s not that” and then eventually because of BLACK magic you get the right object and everyone is like WOAH THAT’S SO IMPRESSIVE! Is it that one?


I have to say that this is quite surprising to me but at the same time it’s not particularly surprising at all?


You can tell if any big number is divisible by three by adding all the digits together (and repeating if necessary). If you get 3, 6 or 9 it is; if not, no.