Do you know any


No. As if I’d hang out with those nerds.

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I do not

My wife’s ex-step dad is sort of one. Well into trains and models but specific lines.

One of the most boring people I have encountered and without any facility whatsoever to tell if he was boring you. Could literally yawn repeatedly in his face and he would just plough on.

yep. Father-in-law.

I know one. he’s not just into spotting the trains though - he also likes to travel on them

Train-traveller eh


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I was flabbergasted when I saw some Amish people on a train.

Thought they refused to do so!

Then I did some reading and turns out I was mistaken.

Good story.

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Not sure if they were trainspotters though.

I thought this too. was this in the UK? that would also mean they’re allowed on planes.

No, it was in the states.

think I’d have fainted if I’d seen them on the train to Cambridge or whatever

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@ moderators


As a regular commuter with Northern often feel like a bit of a trainspotter myself

#satire #northsouthdivide #thomasthebantengine


I saw some (presumably) Amish people at Disney World, tbh I’m not really sure what they are and aren’t allowed to do (and I imagine it differs from community to community anyway).

No, but I know a PLANE spotter

Seems to be quite a lot of plane spotters:

I’ve got no interest in plane/train spotting, but i like the fact that they exist.


can’t imagine many people are still into trains in the dogspotting era