Do you know anyone called Barnes?

No, I didn’t think so.

First name or last name?

Do train stations count?

First or surname?

Keep up

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Do you mean their first or their surname?

Do you mean their surname or their middle names?

Yeah that guy off The Island

Could you clear up if you.mean forename or le tournoi?

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Mate of mine from school once had John Barnes knock on his door asking for directions.

That’s all I’ve got I’m afraid.

Which name?

First name or surname?

I’ve been in barns

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I worked with someone called Barnes. It was his first name and all.

I play football with John Barnes.

Nice guy but he isn’t as good as John Barnes.


Manager in the finance dept at work is called Barnes (although that is his surname: you meant surname right?)
He was married to one of the managers in the training dept, then he knocked off one of his finance staff members, divorced his wife and married the other one. So technically I work with three Barneses. Is it Barneses or Barnes’s. Or Barnes’.
First name or surname?

first name

Don’t know any

He murdered one of the finance guys?