Do you know anyone called Peter?


not Pete - Peter

my friends ex-housemate was called Peter. he was an ok guy and by all accounts would do a great job of cleaning the kitchen after use

he also gave me a plastic flower once. reason - unknown


Yes my ex-step-father-in-law.

One of the most boring men I have ever met. Never realised he was boring you. You could yawn in his face and he wouldn’t blink.


My uncle is called Peter. He’s great (though he’s not my great uncle) - very intelligent and wise.


I work with a Peter. Never heard anyone call him Pete. Good bloke.


Yeah, he’s Canadian.


Went to school with a Peter. He was a bit of a bellend.

There is one who works here too and he is a proper creepy/pervy old man sort.


i do, yes. he and his wife are both doctors who spend a lot of their time travelling to war zones to help out à la medicins san frontiers.


Yes, 3.


he is a cat

i also know 2 petes


Baby boomer name, I reckon


Yes, used to work with one. Nice man.

Doesn’t work there any more, because he is also a smart man.


I do


I think my brain fried unpicking that.

My dad has never really been Pete that I’ve known just Peter.

Most Peters I have known have been both interchangeably. Whereas think I have never known a Richard who wasn’t Rich, even if he wished otherwise deep down.


a few. one has got a wikipedia page.


another vote for Uncle Peter


Yes- person I met at music festival a while back


I’m a Peter. Also go by Pete. Got an uncle named Peter.


Also my landlord in Madrid was called Pedro (Spanish version of Peter).


Father in law’s a Pete/Peter. And a nice old man I knew once who smoked roll ups, told entertaining stories, drank whiskey and took us sailing. We scattered his ashes over the water when he died. Nice chap.


My father in law is called Peter. He drinks a lot of gin and is racist.