Do you know anyone who lives in a shed?


or in a van?
Or has built a house out of shipping containers?

If so, are they happy?

Someone on facebook has bought a transit with a view to living in it… seems like fun

Worst (innocuous) thread ever?

I do not know anyone who lives in a shed or a van or anyone who has built a house out of shipping containers.


If you did, do you think they’d be happy?


can’t be certain either way


i had a school friend who lived in a shed behind his family’s house because there wasn’t enough space in the house


I know someone who lives on a canal boat. Resembles a shed and a van in many ways.


Human beings are complex, multi-faceted creatures. I think they might be happy sometimes but I would very much doubt any claim that their default state was happiness.


No but vaguely related, I want to buy a van set up some drums in the back so I can drive somewhere remote to practice drums. How feasible do people think this is

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go on…


I think that’s a great idea!


my tv’s mum and stepdad live on a canal boat.

like a lot of canal folk, i think they actually mostly live in pubs, but they sleep on a boat.


My ex’s brother lived in a really pimped out shed in their garden. It was basically like a studio flat, properly plumbed in etc. He is pretty happy I think but still a bit bummed out that he basically still lives at home with his parents.


Lots of people in London pretend they live on boats, but in reality hardly anybody does, and those who do are deeply troublesome individuals who ought to be ignored.


Yeah mate of mine lives in a shed in her parents garden.


Reminds me of this article - BE MORTGAGE-FREE AT 30 (by borrowing £40k off your parents and building a shed in their massive garden)…


Sort of, though he built it and did all the plumbing/electrics himself so nowhere near 40k. I’d be interested to know how much it did cost all in actually.


I live in a glass cage of emotion




I nearly rented a place in Oxford that was somebody’s shed that he’d done up. It was still £600 pcm, and this was a good six or seven years ago.


Speak for yourself Ant. I have but a single facet.