Do you know anyone you would describe as "a real hummus monster!"

Anyone who you’d say something like “yeah, they just love hummus, they’re a real fiend for hummus, a real hummus monster!” about them?

it me


I feel seen.

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“That Jordan is a real hummus monster, he’s a real fiend for hummus”

Just imagining the Hummus equivalent of the Honey Monster in ads and that now.
“Tell 'em about the Hummus, mummus!”


i get your new picture confused with @andyvine

Sorry Japes. I’ll change it.

i think its nice that weve got the same tagline and similar pictures

Ate a whole pot of Yardens Classique on Sunday night, regretting nothing.

My daughter is a member of the “hummus society” at her university

Oh, I’ve updated it now. Sorry Andrew.

Text her and tell her that she’s “a real hummus monster!”

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you absolute (hummus) monster! i forgive you

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The only thing I like more than hummus is hummmus & ful

“Hummus & Ful? I’d rather be Full of Hummus!”

You could say that if you wanted to

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Yeah my bf loves houmous. He always has it on toast. Grim.

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Works surprisingly well.

Saw someone have hummus and nutella on toast once. That was grim.

Her Indoors is a big fan, I first wooed her by making her some hummus, a tradition which continues to this day. In fact, I made her some hummus just this Sunday. Only the best in our house, none of that expensive supermarket shit.

Next time he does it can you say to him “You’re a real hummus monster you are!” and let us know what he says please?