Do you know...(hometown edition)

I’m not here to tell you a fact, oh no, but to ask do whether or not you know basic facts about your town/region/country?

Primarily, population.

I do not, apart from when I have to remember it for tours I don’t retain the figure for general chitchat usage. I’m not sure people in the UK really do know this sort of stuff, however most people I’ve met from other countries can tell me the population of their hometown as standard.

I’m going to guess it’s 160k

About 500 i think, maybe 800, possibly as few as 200. Not sure

It’s actually 190k according to google

Wiki says 709 at the last census

Yes, I have wikipediaed where I moved to 4.5 years ago.

I do not know these things, only the Santa incident. And the other Santa incident.

Mah banbeano had an Ok Cupid date not long before she met me where the guy was from some fairly niche European country (I forgot which one) and she asked what it was like there, to which he began to list population, primary imports and exports etc.


Yeah, I had a German boyfriend and I always remember him telling me the population of his town quite soon after we met, and all that other shit, and he asked me in return and I felt like an absolute dickhead for not knowing

Maybe it’s a form of negging.

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I think a lot of people know the population of their hometown if it is a self-contained town.

Those living in the cities or suburbs, probably less so, especially if they’ve moved around a bit.

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I just guessed the population of the borough where I live before looking it up on Wikipedia. I guessed 50,000 whereas in fact it’s 330,000. Weak.

Did the same for all the places I lived when I was a kid and got them more or less right (within 20%).

This proves nothing.

gonna guess that Galicia has about 3 million inhabitants.

i’ve met maybe 30? but there’s probably more than that, so i’d guess around 50?

Just had a guess and I was 525 off

2.7 millon :frowning:

this would be good date conversation personally.

For nearly everywhere it massively depends on where you draw the boundaries doesn’t it


Guess: 350k
Actual: 538k

Current location (borough)

Guess: 250k
Actual: 242k

ah right. turns out there’s like 625,000

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Yeah it’s 85 thousand.