Do you know someone called Michael Smith?

I bet you do

no, but I do know a Mike Hunt. For real

Yes I do but he doesn’t go by “Michael”

Still counts. There are also famous Michael Smiths such as the dartist and the 80s DJ.

Yes to both Smith and Hunt.

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Get up uh (get on up)
Get on the scene uh (get on up)
You’re a thread machine uh (get on up)

I knew a James Brown at university AND at school!

And to answer your question, of course I fucking don’t, how dare you

Also Jackson while I’m listing.

Oh I know it counts mate, I call him Michael sometimes anyway tbh.


My biggest surprise here is that you went to a school

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I do not.

I got one based around the Barking area that I could introduce you to?

anyone else have trouble spelling michael? always looks wrong somehow even when it is right. See also: Neil

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i don’t get out that way much if i’m honest mate

And Jonathan. I’m good at it now as he’s my boss but it used to be a real struggle.

I’ll see if he’s willing to travel.

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As in the place, or is that some sort of euphemism?