Do you know the numeric position of each letter of the alphabet

like if I said S would you reply 19 or G and 7?


Extremely well.

don’t think I know any of them

are there 24 or 26 letters in the alphabet?


Very poorly beyond the big hitters


does it depend if you’re american?

Reckon I’d get about 60% correct if I had to answer immediately. 100% if I had 5 seconds thinking time. Thanks lonzy

A1 covers band called Z26.

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Can just use the big lads as checkpoints and move up and down from them for the rest though innit

I’d just like to take the time to thank everyone who has posted in this thread so far.


That all takes valuable time though doesn’t it

oh there’s 26 then! thanks :slight_smile:

G is 7!

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Scrabble letters where the points value is the same as the position of the letter in the alphabet (I think)


That is all

Edit. J is nowhere near, nevermind

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Reckon I could do it backwards too, which is a very valuable skill.

Just easier to go through all of the alphabet using the rhyme in my head tbqh

I know that M is 13.

I guess everything based on this.

Oh wait I also know that H is 8, because of the Nazis. That’s a bummer.

pretty confident i could nail the first three

bit shaky after that

Do you know you initials. You should really know your initials.