Do you know the numeric position of each letter of the alphabet


on past experience, I’m going to assume at least one of these is incorrect


Can’t really trust what you post anymore.


I don’t want to get all Illuminati moker here, but the letters in “fuck off” sum to 68. That can’t be a coincidence!


I have searched marckeepedia in advance of posting this time


Inspired by this throwaway (but hilarious) gag, I think we should have a thread where DiSers have to try and get into some hobby or activity they’ve previously never considered. Perhaps something akin to “I’ve never seen Star Wars”.

Just imagine it.

It will be unamusing and tiresome at the very least.


The two most average letters: OK

(Please feel free to share this fantastic joke with your friends and family.)


I would like to see epimer entered into an MMA bout.