Do you know the origin of your street name without googling it?

Or is it part of a group of streets that follow a theme? (Tree names for example)

Mine is just based on the fact it’s a green neighbourhood I think, but across the main road there’s a group of streets all named after romantic poets - Wordsworth, Ruskin, Coleridge, Dryden

South Street, just about 20 metres south of North Street. Anybody’s guess as to the etymology.


No idea. It’s one of those that’s a geographical reference to a place that there’s no obvious association with.

The previous one was named after a monarch.


The street (or square to be precise) was only established 6 years ago. It’s a very tenuous link to cultural activities that take place in the area. There is no theme connecting it to surrounding streets.

Yeah, I think it was some rich guy who named a few local streets after his daughters.

It’s a type of tree. My first house was on an estate where the streets were named after car racing tracks and my second house was on an estate where the roads were named after the Farne Islands. Much more exciting.

It’s nearly always rich guys.

Although the guy who’s in doing the flooring right now said “Cor, used to be rough as fuck round 'ere when I were a kid. You hear [street name] and you wouldn’t think of this!”

Which is fine, because I’m hard as nails, obviously.


Yeah, it is fairly easy. We live in a small town, and the street name is part of a 1930s council house development with the main street named after the local farm. Boring, really.

My old place in Burnside, Glasgow, was based on English counties. Kent, Gloucester, Cornwall.

Oooh, edit: I’ve went back further, and it turns out the farm is named after the Earl of [STREET NAME] who had his seat in the village.

My street is (irritatingly) named Victoria Cross, after that queen bellend. Such a stupid name as the crossroads is only at one end of the road.

no i do not

I’m in an area where streets are named after cities. Mine is Rennes, next street is Vienna.

I’ve only ever lived in streets named after locations, I think. That’s exciting isn’t it.

Yep - it’s a terrace of houses, on the other side of the road from crescent that goes round the park (Park Crescent Terrace). The other side of the road is just Park Crescent though, and are all listed four storey town houses. Coming off our road is Park Crescent Place and Park Crescent Road. Must have taken them ages to come up with them.

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Oh, the Crescent District?


In Cork!?
Fucking hell mate start a petition!

£400 for (re-)naming a street.

I don’t think the street that my childhood home is on has a name. How about that.

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You may now Google it.

Good luck.

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Hmm, I like that.