Do you know the origin of your street name without googling it?

Oh actually it does and it’s really weird that I forgot.
The name of the road is the name of my house but with ‘road’ written on the end. We never write the name of the road down when we’re ordering stuff or sending love letters.


Streets round me are named after obscure UK rivers. Welland Rd is named after the river which flows from the Wash and goes to Stamford.

Just for your FYI: part of Derby’s inner ring road is called Lara Croft Way.

I’d love nothing more in the world than listing them but that’s a bit too much PI being given out here right?

Or is it?

Actually I don’t care.


Just remembered I lived somewhere called Bluebell so I guess that’s that ruined.

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From my brief experience Derby has the weirdest street names. I remember being stuck in traffic near somewhere like Ten Pound Avenue.

Millfields is exactly as it sounds. Our house is where the local miller’s house used to be.

They have Brian Clough Way too (and in Nottm)

Not off-hand. I can only imagine it has something to do with the agriculture, but there are plenty of weird road names around the estate that I really haven’t a clue where they came from.

Upper Hitch
Lower Tail
Hangar Ruding
Delta Gain
The Hoe
Gibbs Couch

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We’ve got a Tony Wilson Place.

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Yeah, alright Stewart Lee.

Ours and the neighbouring ones are based on the surname of a few historic families from the village.

They’re excellent.

I live between two roads that are named as the area I live in. I just looked up the etymology of the area name, and it’s just one of those mangled-over-time words that dates back like a thousand years.

The other side is named Windmill . I have no idea if there was previously a windmill there.

I live in a little set of streets all named after places on the IOW

We should talk about how great Cornish place names are. I was showing a lady at work where my sisters moving to and she was like “IS THAT ENGLISH”


it’s a road that goes west and is pretty great

great western road


Genuinely thinking about it. We’d be renaming a lot of stuff!

Not aware of that one Scout…You sure?

Edit: you’re right about the odd street names though :slight_smile:

Do it!
Erin go bragh!
Also: Happy Birthday! (?)

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