Do you know what a cockchafer is?

I was the only person in a group who didn’t know. Everyone else knew a nickname as well as a common name.

Even when I saw a photo it meant nothing to me.

  • I know what a cockchafer is
  • I don’t know what a cockchafer is

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What a thread.

Yes, but only because my gran had a conversation about them five years ago and I had to leave the room to 1) look up what they were, and 2) mop up the tears of laughter after she said she was plagued by cockchafers

I’m a big fan of how it looks like they have massive eyebrows.

Is this about cycling? If so, yes.

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Ok seems about 60% don’t know. I’m happy with that.

The group I was in were incredulous that I didn’t know what they were. Like it was impossible to live in the UK without seeing them.

So, those of you who didn’t know. If I show you this

What’s your response?

  • Oh yeah, I know those things but didn’t know they were called cockchafers.
  • Hmm, didn’t know these existed

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Best Cockchafer:

  • Common
  • Forest
  • Large

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I would say doodlebug.

  • I really wanted to answer with a mum joke
  • I’m such a grown up it never occurred to me.
  • I pretended to know what it was and offered up a fact about eyebrows to prove it (I’m marckee)

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I thought I knew what raunchy was. Then I read this


Best read when you’ve got some alone time, if you know what I mean.

Thought it was a bird tbh.

Mayflies are like little dragonflies. Maybugs are cockchafers.

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It’s what they call me in the Countdown community.


So annoying that it’s a ten-letter word though, isn’t it?

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COWBANGER is a nice 9 that also sounds a bit rude.

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Sounds painful.

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COWABUNGA would be the greatest Countdown 9er.

We had four cockchafers in last Thursday night. I think they might be breeding in the old bricked up fireplace and somehow getting through. The cheeky cunts!