Do you know what blood type you are?


I have no idea.

Is it called blood type or blood group?

Someone do a poll, I don’t even know what the options are.


can’t remember but it’s the popular one cos my friend at school used to jokingly pick on me for it cos he had a rare one

christ he’s such a fucking square


I know I’m the most common one.

Problem is I don’t know what that is. O or something?


You find out when you donate. I’m O+ meaning most people can take my blood apart from O- folks I think. Go me.


no and don’t care



  • A-
  • A+
  • B-
  • B+
  • AB-
  • AB+
  • O-
  • O+
  • Don’t know

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Yeah, O. About half the UK population are O.


That’ll be my one then.


This has reminded me I’m due to donate again, I’ll need to go later this week.


Nothing to see here




yeah the type that means I have to give blood regularly because it works in everyone, but only my blood type works on me.


AB+ I ain’t giving no blood!


I was told I had type A…think it was a type O


Ive always wondered this but dont know.

How can i find out? Will my mum know?


what’s the difference anyway?


:raised_hands: @saps and @laelfy


Type A, rhesus positive.

Really should give blood again.


You know it, sistah.