Do you know what I don’t think is a great look?

When I walk past any of the GP surgeries around here*, all the GPs** seem to drive really expensive cars. Like proper convertible jobbies. Bit flash. Not sure you should work for the NHS as a GP and drive that around and leave it in view in the carpark tbh imo.

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*the 2 near me
**the ones that I notice

I don’t think it’s a great look to expect medical professionals to be martyrs who’ll work for low wages just because they do something useful for society when we wouldn’t expect the same of people working in a different field.


prob work for NHS a couple days a week and private the rest isn’t it

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I’ve no problem with doctors buying nice cars. It’s a horrible, grim and essential job, not overpaid in the way that footballers or CEOs are. Quite reasonable to spend the wage on a nice car, and don’t think they should necessarily need to buy a second car for low profile commuting.

Also I think GPs aren’t technically NHS employees, something like they’re self-employed business owners contracted by the NHS?

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But I do! My car is shit and I work a very worthy second job!

They should all drive decommissioned ambulances imo


Retrain as a GP and then you can get one

I am never learning anything ever again.


afaik GPs aren’t really The Rich they’re just middle class. And tbf it’s a difficult and essential job. Should they pretend they earn less money than they do because most other people are underpaid? It’s hardly their fault is it, and doesn’t really achieve anything.


I think they shouldn’t park it out front, park it out back by the bins or something.
Think I might request to move to the GP “with the shittest car in the car park” then I KNOW they’re in it for the right reasons……joking…kind of

I am in love with current GP and I hope he has the most expensive car possible. Please lovely scottish Dr drive me around and let me fondle u


Doctors are chill but no doctors should be driving to work in urban environments, they should be riding bikes as examples to everyone else.

Also, ban all cars.

Like if you were at a therapists and were in emotional crisis and opening up and then you catch a glimpse of a flash beema out the window and through your tears you mention it and the therapist was all “oh yeah, that’s the beema out there, my pride and joy the beema!!” I might not feel they were in it for the right reasons and this scenario is something that COULD happen you DONT know!!1

I bet they have nice houses as well…

I’m with safari, doctors are nasty pieces of work


unexpected shrewbomb there

All doctors should CRAWL to work on HOT COALS for the privilege of examining my ass crack imo


I thought this was about how you see them parking their flash cars in rough areas and they presumably don’t get nicked.

This but everyone, regardless of job.

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Yeah but their houses aren’t paraded out in front of their patients!