Do you know what I don’t think is a great look?

It’s like I’ve always said, the real criminals of our society worthy of our vitriol are the ones training for years and years to save our lives!! Finally, the truth comes out!


Big fan of IOS quadrupling down here


I think GPs can parade stuff if they like. Not like I’m paying to see them, mugs.

the receptionist at my GP is married to the head doctor and she thinks she’s the Queen

6 other people think I AM right!! The true socialists of the boards

@ me, coward


Actually one of the partners at my old firm - he was a bit of a sex pest - did say to people that they shouldn’t drive flashy cars because when you show up to your client’s place in it, your £350 an hour billing rate is going to seem a bit rich.

He drives a Micra.

Quite a specialist job tbf

The timing of this article is impeccable

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Also he’s a cunt

Where do you stand on dktrs?


How lucky is it to have a thread like this when you have a doc with that name!

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Also I should clarify, I’m not saying GPs shouldn’t be paid their massive wages (I don’t think, what bunce they on nowadays?) just that they shouldn’t drive flash cars to their GP practice. They should cycle or walk or pay for Ubers the whole time, or drive micras or one of these

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Yeah someone should tell them it’s General Practitioner not Grand Prix! Hahahaha


Maybe they enjoy driving?


they’re fine

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You can’t really do most of the home visits between morning and afternoon surgeries without a car tbh. Well you probably could, but it would take a lot longer so you’d have to decide what other work like going through hospital letters, medication requests or blood results etc you weren’t going to do instead.

  • marckee is saying you have a nice house
  • something else

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Would probably find it more annoying when office bods or whatever are flash