Do you know what I find amusing?

That every human being, even the most serious, macho, evil and disturbing people alive, has been a baby and done baby stuff at some point. E.g. Stalin will have shit in his nappy, Descartes probably whined at his mum for not letting him have ice cream, Rose West could’ve been partial to a game of peekaboo.

The exceptions are obvious psychopaths from birth.

We’re all human (or are dancers?)

Psychopaths bypass babyhood? Straight in at level potato?

the ol’ stalin - descartes - rose west triumvirate of evil


Reducing a very complex issue to a simple sentence…but psychopathy often originates from early trauma. This can be before or after babyhood


Josef Stalin did noth…

oh nm

Morrissey probably once watched a spoon of babyfood aeroplane around in front of him


Imagine reaching a status of celebrity where you are unspeakably wealthy, can’t leave the house for fear of the paparazzi snapping you, front page of all the glossy mags and yet still having to take your own shits like the rest of us proles. Must be humbling.

not that amusing

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Do you think that the Queen gets winnets?

Please. René Descartes is merely in that list for being serious and macho.

Definitely. Must be all the swan she eats.

I’ve never read a truer description of @anon29812515’s life.

“lol! I’m Madonna and I’m doing a really big poo!”

If only he’d show a little humility.