Do you know what I find



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Patting your head and rubbing your stomach simultaneously?

clickbait thread titles

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Not difficult, just troubling and unnecessary

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Never really tried

Fucking easy. Could go pro

I love to dive on in!

Writing meaningful questions.

The answer was

Getting several quotes (usually 3) from different people and then telling the unsuccessful ones I’m not using them. Feels really awkward. It’s not you, it’s me etc. Guess I’m just too nice.
Often just don’t reply to their email quote to avoid it.
Thanks for playing!

Just good people…wasting other people’s time through inaction


Aye, gotta go through the whole rigmarole at work when you need to show the Procurement lads that you considered a few vendors so you pester the stragglers to get their proposals in knowing full well that you’re gonna reject them, partly because it took them so feckin long to submit their proposal