Do you know what lads, I miss live recordings of TV shows

I haven’t been to many but they’re really fun and I hope to go soon again. what are some that you’ve been to or hope to go? Think my favourite was the never mind the buzzcocks episode with Adam Buxton hosting


You must be a alien or sutin


Never been in one. Once got asked in NY by someone from [whatever TV network it is] to be in the audience for Letterman which I’d have liked, but I was leaving that day.

Moby Moby Moby Michael Stipe Moby Moby…


I understand why they do it, but it’s a bit annoying when they allocate way more tickets than there are seats, and so you have to get there really early to get in.


The Last Leg is always fun to attend, as it is live so you don’t have to sit through endless retakes.

I have been bullied into applying for Strictly Come Dancing. No luck so far (first two shows have been allocated).

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what happens if you don’t feel like laughing?

Went to see University Challenge being recorded once, the episode with all the questions. Was exactly the same as watching it at home except you got to see Paxman’s trousers (brown cords)


It is a room full of people. No one will notice.

Phew! Thought maybe they hook you off with a cane like in the cartoons


Oh that one

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Recordings that I’ve been to:

Several radio panel shows ISIHAC, Inifinite Monkey Cage etc.
Adam Buxton BUG TV programme
Letterman - this episode:

In the late eighties, me and some friends (about six of us) were the entirety of the “studio audience” for a local BBC arts radio program that featured top guests Stephen Duffy (who played a couple of songs) and, I think, Phil Jupitus. We had to clap at the end of Duffy’s performance and laugh at Jupitus’s jokes.

Afterwards I told Duffy he sounded like Nick Drake and did he like him, and he said “yeah, I do”. It was all a bit awkward.

Yeah, not a massive claim to fame for me…


I queued up for Mock The Week (shameful I know) in the mid-00s. It was full when we got to the front of the line and so we were offered GoldenBalls with Jasper Carrott. We just went to the pub instead.


The only one I have been to was Jeremy Kyle

A lot of shows used to be recorded at the ITV Studios on the South Bank which was very conveniently located. Now that has closed down you’ll have to go to Television Centre in White City or Elstree Studios.

I went to Pointless a few years ago - during the beast from the easy actually. Not many people turned up because of the weather so was pretty quiet. Ended up being a celebrity ones as well - think there was Shaun Ryder & Paul Chowdhry & maybe Vanessa Feltz?

Anyway surprising how quickly they bash through it!

I think you have to get a little more famous first, but I think we’re all on board to help in any way we can to make this happen.


Professional dancers can also apply, obviously


used to work with a guy who’s hobby it was to go to these shows. like he’d do a few a month and was in the know on how to get seats and that. used to invite me to them all the time (turned him down).