Do you know what possibly the greatest TV tragedy of recent times is?

What they’ve done to Coach Trip


When Poussey from Orange is the New Black died :frowning:


I stopped watching after that.

I haven’t seen that show but on Coach Trip, do I want to see a bunch of young people on their way to Zante and thinking they’re celebs? Forget about it! I want to see confused middle aged Yorkshiremen called Phil fuming that you have to pay for the toilet in some places


Agreed, I can’t watch the new version of it. I miss the original format so much.

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Hope they all go on Netflix, enjoying series 9 atm

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cancelling the robot wars reboot


Addicted to this show again. Love it so much. Perfect telly in the OG run

Episode 32 into series 4 right now. Perfect viewing

This immediately came to mind when I saw the thread title.

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Series 5 now

Been surpassed by the existence of The Book of Boba Fett now.

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Series 6 has been excellent so far. Proper gloves off at the voting each time

The episode where a new couple is greeted by one of the contestants playing a secret recording he made of the original asking if they want to be part of an alliance is top tier. @Mert_Aksac get on it

I watched most of it first time round, I’m not sure I’m ready for a big rewatch

Think it was series 3 that was the best in my eyes but I can’t remember why

Almost cried at ep 1 of series 7