Do you know what the Beaufort Scale is?

Don’t look it up.

No one in my office knows what it is.

  • Never heard of it. Tell me more.
  • Never heard of it and I’m proud of my ignorance.
  • I think I know what it is but I’m too shy to say
  • I know what this is, I feel your pain saps

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Surrounded by ignorance.

Can’t take much more.

Was thinking about the Mohs Scale yesterday (I think there was a question on University Challenge about it).

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Drove through a 7 this morning. Fresh.

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I had to look this one up.

I’m going to state that I don’t think it’s as famous but I’m prejudiced.

We learned about the Beaufort Scale in junior school.

There was! re: apatite.

(I didn’t get it)

There was, and they came up with a dumbass answer to it as well IIRC.

Big fan of the iceberg size classifications:


This is one of those where I know I’ve heard of it, but I always have to look up what it is. It could come up daily and I think I’d still be in that situation.

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Ah yeah, I didn’t get it either, but I do know the top and bottom markers of the scale at least.

You could say that you have no apatite for learning!

Really you could say that.


Didn’t realise until quite recently that the richter scale is logarithmic. Fun

Yeah actually made me want to memorise it, which I tried to do after the programme finished. Didn’t know feldspar was on it, which pleased me. Probably a decent thing to know and will come in useful.

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all the best scales are.

edit or did I mean exponential? Let’s go with either/or.

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Sometimes think my bathroom ones are


Hard question?

Fucking corundum, mate.

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Think I know but not in great detail. I stumbled across it on Google one day when there were mad high winds and my office closed early. Amusing because my office building is named after him.

I only know the Mohs scale from doing geology at uni. Talc is 1, diamond 10, quartz 7. Can then probably have a stab at most other rocks hardness based on that.

Ah wait is this the poo hardness scale?

100% going to do something like this with brown water, playdoh or something for a digestion lesson with my class. Cheers for the inspiration