Do you know what's annoying

When people say “bless you” after you sneeze. You then have to acknowledge the bless you and give a needless thanks, usually while trying to clean yourself up

Stop it


if they don’t say bless u ur soul escapes forever and u have no soul


never say bless you, feel really bad and rude not saying it but just can’t bring myself to do it, just feels weird

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I thought it was coz sneezing meant the devil had got into you

the four people I sit with are similarly awkward, there can be a lot of sneezing going on and no one says anything, its pretty good

at some point in my life I got it in my head that if you say thank you or acknowledge the person saying bless you, the blessing doesn’t work

Nah, it’s just a pleasant and polite thing to do. No problem with it at all.

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think it’s both? you sneeze, your soul escapes, and then the devil can come in?

I endorse this thread. And as a hayfever sufferer this can be a LIVING HELL.

Just sneezed after reading this thread FYI.

It’s incredibly rude to say thank you after a bless you

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Its not pleasant, its an invasion

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Bless you

Thank you

yes! - but why?


Not sure

My former flatmate always used to say “bless me” to himself after he sneezed. He hardly believed me at all when I said that’s not the standard thing.

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If you burp when you’re on your own do you say excuse me?!
Cos I do