Do you know where Mauritius is?

  • Ye!
  • More or less
  • General area
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Don’t mention it!

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no but if I had to guess it’s next to Jamaica

It’s a lovely sounding word, made me think of somewhere warm and sunny

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Yeah, my friend was just there for a month and she brought me back some tea and these incense sticks which are undoubtedly going to make me rich.

Africa,…south east?

Have to think about which one is Mauritius and which one is Mauritania for a second, but then yeah.

Nailed the countries of Africa one last time I did it. Should add it to my cv really


I sometimes get it confused with the maldives but now i know the difference

Remember geoguessr, that was fun wasn’t it

Still do it (or some non-unionised Mexican equivalent) sometimes.

I’m not improving.

Link to this equivalent please

Dunno, I just Google “GOOGLE MAPS GUESS PLACE FROM STREET VIEW THING PLEASE FANKS” whenever the mood takes me.

Not had a crack at the name all the countries one for a while. Used to be a fixture of night shifts with the person I was working with before the rota got shuffled.



Was sure I’d posted about this before, and I had!

Don’t think i’ve tried since then, might have a crack on Monday.

(I did do a sporcle this afternoon, oddly enough. European Cup/Champions League finalists. Nailed it, likes)

Why, have you lost it?

If I was going pin in a map I would have gone further north than it is, but I selected more or less, so…

I’m a bit rusty.

177/197 - Missed off two in Europe which is a bit of a shocker.

I knew it was in the vicinity of Madagascar. No idea why.