Do you know where your passport is?

Specifically, so “it’s in my room somewhere” means no.

  • Yes
  • No

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Bedside table :sunglasses:


…I think :sweat:

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If only there were some sort of exhaustive video record of your house you could check.


On the place where I put all my important documents (not telling you lot)


The toaster!


Pretty sure it’s currently on top of the shoe cabinet in the hallway, because I’ve not gotten around to putting it back in the bookshelf where it normally lives alongside mountains of old receipts and the like.

Yes, but I forgot it for the first time in my life the other week. Thankfully it was because I was too busy vomiting and decided I wasn’t going to check in after all, so I didn’t realise until after I got back home.

Close one.

It is on my person currently.


I got it out just yesterday to go to the bank with it.

Didn’t need it so gave it back to my bf to keep hold of it.

Of course i do, it’s in th…waaaaaait a minute!

I don’t know why that reply is so formal. I think I’m having a stroke.

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yep, it’s not in my flat

wasn’t sure but i glanced round and can see it, so yes.

needs renewing though.

I think mine expires in june or july, should probably do something about it

It’s 10pm, do you know where your passport is?


Yep - it’s in the “printouts of our holiday stuff” folder in the back room

Looked into sorting out my Irish citizenship before next year, costs something like €280 though. I’ll have to save up.

This is to get that sweet, sweet EU passport btw


was flying in March and noticed it expires in April. eep.

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Was absolutely delighted when I got to renew the fuck out of 17 year old J_I