Do you know who has seen a bird of prey in a tree?

A liar.
Where the fuck do they go? Where are all the eyries?
(might allow an owl)

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England’s Eyrie

(little up-to-date black grape reference for you there)


I see “green bird” in trees pretty regularly on my morning commutes.

You see loads of hawks and that on the M4 (flying not driving) and I always wonder why they’d want to piss around near the metal boxes they can’t eat. Probably discarded sandwiches.

Thames basin parakeet?

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Dunno. They’re green ones.

Jimi Hendrix’s pet bird

Shitloads of Red Kites around here. Those muthas don’t sleep.


I see green bird in tree
pretty regularly too
on my commute
to fm HQ
and I think to myself
‘where the fuck are the eyries’


Maybe they are leaves?


Nah, my Mum knows all about birds and she saw them once also.

Is a heron a bop?

I have seen numerous buzzards in trees and once a red kite. That’s all though, just a tiny subset of the UK’s raptor species.

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I could fly around I’d be doing that all the time, wouldn’t be sat in a tree.

leg bop


Not for me, Harru.

I think I’ve seen one in a tree, but I’m quite short sighted so it might have been a large pigeon. Saw a goose in a tree once, disconcerting

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this made me burst out laughing and I have no idea why


Yeah I thought I saw one yesterday but it was a pige. Hence the thread. I once saw a pair of ducks on a roof which I thought was impossible.

Where do seagulls live as well, the coasty ones live on cliffs which looks really stupid, but what about the urban ones? They always just seem to be awake