Do you know who's got the ideal job?

The bass player in Supergrass. Think about it right:

  • Pretty long and successful career behind you
  • Enough money in royalties and touring etc to live a nice life
  • Nobody hates Supergrass, fairly well respected by other bands and music nerds
  • Still got a decent fanbase
  • Can go anywhere you want without being recognised but still impress people if you want to tell them who you are.

Think it’d be shit being in a reasonably big band and nobody recognising you.
I’d be introducing myself as “safebruv - yes the bassist from supergrass” just in case


Nah it’s much better. No hassle from random public wankers, just go about your business. Especially once you’re 30ish years in.

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Do you have a job that means you get “recognised” when out and about minding your own business

(Imagine being a teacher is a nightmare for this)

  • Yes (no autographs pls)
  • No :relaxed:
  • Ambiguous option

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I did when I was a barmaid, and dogs recognised me when I worked at the pet shop (but their owners never did when I was out of uniform :D)


When I did GCSE music we had a module on britpop (?!) and I vividly remember our teacher putting Alright on the CD player and we all just had to sit there taking it in in silence


I don’t have a job that gets me recognised but my general nature (terrible memory, self absorbed, regularly drunk) means people talk to me who I’ve got no idea of who they are but they know me.
Kinda like it


Bassist from Supergrass must have another job. Maybe he’s a teacher and gets constantly recognized and harassed for being that maths teacher who thinks he’s cool and pretends he’s in a band.

On Thursday there was a woman on my tour who wouldn’t stop staring at me before we started and grinning and saying “I’ve stalked you for so long on instagram!”

It’s funny but i do wish people would stop using stalk in a light hearted manner.


:smiley: wow!

Gcse whatever you do woodwork and shit it.

I used to lend the teacher cds, looking back this is really weird isn’t it, and he put the elastics debut album on telling everyone it was great while we were in class.

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If I’m drunk i dont mind but when people say something to me just out on the street in the day i have no idea what I’m meant to say to them. “I hate small talk, bye!”


I don’t think that’s weird at all! Another music teacher used to give me music recommendations, and the media studies head of year would lend some of us dvds


Driver of one of those cars with the spare bikes or whatever in the tour de France. Going through the French countryside all summer, tunes on, ice lollies every time you stop, ignoring the drugged-up athlete screaming at you to bring him a spare wheel or whatever it is they do.


Fucking brilliant. As an adult now, do you think the teacher was doing it earnestly or for their own amusement?

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At university I had a lecturer who played Smell’s Like Teen Spirit at the end of a class because they thought it summed up what they’d been talking about, and nobody knew if they were supposed to leave during it or wait until the end. I knew someone who’d done the course the year before and it happened then too. Maybe it still does today.

And the person who’s job it was to press play on the CD? - none other than the bassist from Supergrass


There’s a guy in Cardiff who just nonchalantly rides around on his bike, and it has a little trailer that he sells his homemade vegan ice cream from. Always think he’s absolutely fucking cracked life.


Said EXACT same last night.

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I knew you’d be on board with this one!

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