Do you know your glove size?

Do they have a numbered system.

Would be interested to find out.

I certainly do NOT know what my glove size is but I also would be interested to find out about the system.

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I know my glove size in endura gloves.

TINTCT :bicyclist:


(i always have to look at what i ordered previously tho)

How do you ban people form your threads?

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XS = 6
S = 7
M = 8
L = 9
XL = 10
XXL = 11

And edit form to from

Thanks Paul, I have given you a heart.

i think in your settings you can “ignore” folk.

not the same, tho

don’t tell him!

No, I do not

There are different glove sizes? I though all hands were the same size *mind blown :dizzy_face: