Do you know your NI number off by heart

I know the first two letters and the last one. No idea on the rest though.

No idea where the card itself is these days either.

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  • No

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Did you lose your NI card (the one they won’t replace if you do)?

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  • no

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Fuck knows why I know it off by heart but I do

Yes I do. Great thread.

This post is for everyone to enjoy, not just nebbie.


know your passport number?

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  • n

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Do you know your NHS number?

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Do you know MY NHS number? Cause I need it and no idea where to find it.


Does everyones start with a J?

I remember scrabbling round for my NI number and my wife said “What kind of freak of nature doesn’t know their National Insurance number?!”.

Made me lol.

do you know your own phone number?

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Yes, as I need to use it as a security question when contacting our HR and people policy specialists

The only numbers i know off by heart are my N.I number, my mobile, my mum’s mobile, my bank account number, and, just in case i ever need it, the telephone number of Mortgage Point.

Rest assured, I took extra pleasure from it

I don’t but the wiki is FASCINATING

Neither of the first two letters can be D, F, I, Q, U or V . The second letter also cannot be O . The prefixes BG, GB, NK, KN, TN, NT and ZZ are not allocated.[8] Validation lists of issued two-letter prefixes are published from time to time.[9][10]

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Mine does!

Does your NI number start with a J?

  • JES
  • JO

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Not even the number for Hastings Direct insurance?

I can reel off my passport number, start date and expiry date without looking at it. Pretty useless information to hold in the old noggin, probably saves me seconds on those occasions I need to complete a visa application

The fuck is an NHS number!?


if i lost my phone i wouldn’t be able to call anyone (not just because i had lost my phone)

You’re just a number to them Ant. A cog in the system.